Family life

Argh! It’s World Book Day!

A stack of books to symbolise the number of tasks parents have to carry out for World Book Day.

Happy World Book Day. Or commiserations on World Book Day, depending on where you stand. I’m somewhere in the middle. I love books and it’s only right that the importance of literacy is both celebrated and promoted. It’s a nice distraction from all the awful things happening right now too. But, bloody hell, it’s hard …

My best posts of 2021

A man wearing a face mask with the words "My best posts of 2021" superimposed over the mask.

This time last year, I began my annual roundup post with a comment about how awful 2020 was. Well, 2021 clearly asked its predecessor to hold its beer, didn’t it? Another fundamentally crap year, all said. But it’s always important to look back at the highlights so here’s my yearly review of the blog posts …