Family life

The Brothers Grim

A fairytale scene with characters burping and farting and the words 'The Brothers Grim' superimposed.

I’ve always been proud of how creative my kids are. All three of them have brilliant imaginations and come out with some really interesting and funny ideas. Just lately, however, I’ve been a little less enthused. The fact that they’re clearly ready to return to school may be playing a part here as things have …

I’m no Spider-Man

A man wearing a Spider-man mask with his hand over his mouth.

There are several roles you have to assume as a proper grown up. Some of them come naturally and others not so much. Focussing on the latter – well, foibles are much more interesting to read about than achievements – we’ve reached a particular time of year that I dread. Spider season. And it’s fair …

My summer goals

A seagull flying over three deckchairs. What are your summer goals?

Another academic year is over.  Oldest is now more than halfway through primary school, his younger brother has two years under his belt and youngest starts at nursery in September. Where has the time gone and how did all this happen? It feels like we’ve limped over the proverbial finish line. Everyone is exhausted and, …