15 YouTube Stars Your Teenage Kids Are Watching

Youtube Stars Your Teenage Kids are Watching

As a parent, it is essential to know what your kids are watching on YouTube.

It’s a platform filled with diverse and creative content, and for many, YouTube is a daily ritual. It’s a space where young creators can express themselves and engage with their peers.

In the modern day, the platform is dominated by a new wave of teenage YouTubers who have managed to amass millions of subscribers with their unique content.

This article will introduce you to the top 15 teenage YouTubers that your kids might be watching.

Understanding the Appeal of Teenage YouTubers

Why is it that teenage YouTubers have such an enormous following?

Here are some reasons:

  • Novelty: Teen video creators bring a fresh and distinctive viewpoint to the platform. Their content offers a glimpse of the world through the lens of the younger generation.
  • Relatability: Their content resonates with the experiences and interests of their peers, thus making the videos highly relatable to other teenagers.
  • Innovation: Teenagers are often the pioneers of new trends and technologies. As a result, their videos are inventive and stand out from the norm.
  • Educational: Teenage YouTube influencers provide informative content on a range of topics, from science and technology to societal issues and activism.
  • Aspiration: Many top Youtubers are either very attractive, talented, charismatic, or knowledgeable in a specific area, and other teenagers look up to them.

Top 15 Teenage YouTubers To Watch Out For

Let’s delve into the profiles of these young YouTube sensations, providing insights into their content and why they appeal to the teenage demographic.

The following 15 YouTubers are in no particular order.

1. Alex Guzman

  • Subscribers: 1.43 Million
  • Channel Name: @Blesiv
  • Channel Category: Music and Comedy
  • Channel Launch Date: 2016

Alex Guzman, known as Blesiv on YouTube, is a talented young singer, songwriter, and musician from Reno, Nevada (USA). He shares videos of lip-sync performances, comedy content, and challenges on his YouTube channel.

Alex has a unique style and charismatic personality that captivates his audience. He has a dream of becoming an actor, and his hard work reflects this ambition.

2. JoJo Siwa

  • Subscribers: 12.2 Million
  • Channel Name: @Itsxomgpop
  • Channel Category: Lifestyle and Entertainment
  • Channel Launch Date: 2015

JoJo Siwa is a multi-talented personality known for her skills as a singer, dancer, and actress. Her upbeat and energetic videos on her channel Itsxomgpop offer a glimpse into her daily life and her journey as a performer with her pop group XOMG Pop!

JoJo’s vibrant personality and positive messages make her a role model for many young viewers. She also has a channel for her solo material.

3. Piper Rockelle

Piper Rockelle

  • Subscribers: 11.9 Million
  • Channel Name: @PiperRockelle
  • Channel Category: Pranks and Challenges
  • Channel Launch Date: 2016

Piper Rockelle is known for her entertaining challenge and prank videos. Her fun-loving nature and ability to make her viewers laugh have garnered her a significant following.

She started her journey in the beauty pageant world and has successfully transitioned into a popular social media influencer.

4. EvanTubeHD

  • Subscribers: 7.01 Million
  • Channel Name: @EvanTube
  • Channel Category: Toy Reviews, Science Experiments, Family Friendly
  • Channel Launch Date: 2011

Evan, known by his channel name EvanTubeHD, is a young YouTuber who showcases toys, gadgets, and conducts science experiments.

His detailed toy reviews and fun experiments with his father, known as Daddy Tube, make his channel both entertaining and educational.

5. Lucas and Marcus

  • Subscribers: 34.6 Million
  • Channel Name: @LucasandMarcus
  • Channel Category: Challenges, Surprise and Dance Videos
  • Channel Launch Date: 2011

Lucas and Marcus, also known as the Dobre Twins, are a dynamic dancing duo known for their challenge videos, vlogs, dance videos, experiments, and more.

The twins initially gained popularity through Vine and have since become a YouTube sensation. Their synchronized dance routines and fun challenges make their channel a hit among teens.

6. Kenzie

  • Subscribers: 3.81 Million
  • Channel Name: @Kenzie
  • Channel Category: Dance and Music
  • Channel Launch Date: 2014

Kenzie, born Mackenzie Frances Ziegler, is a talented dancer and singer known for her appearances on the reality show Dance Moms.

Her channel offers a mix of music videos, dance tutorials, and glimpses into her life as a young performer. Kenzie’s natural talent and perseverance have won her a loyal fan base.

7. Hayley LeBlanc

  • Subscribers: 1.51 Million
  • Channel Name: @HayleyLeBlanc
  • Channel Category: Vlogs and Tutorials
  • Channel Launch Date: 2008

Hayley LeBlanc is a versatile YouTuber known for her acting, singing, and vlogs. She has played notable roles in web series and movies on YouTube, making her a familiar face among young viewers.

Her videos offer a glimpse into her life, making her content relatable for many teenagers, including make-up tutorials.

8. Jacy and Kacy

Jacy and Kacy

  • Subscribers: 3.97 Million
  • Channel Name: @JacyandKacy
  • Channel Category: Crafts, DIY, Lifestyle
  • Channel Launch Date: 2014

Jacy and Kacy are sisters who have been sharing craft videos since 2014. Their creative DIY projects and craft ideas have inspired many young viewers to explore their creativity.

The sisters’ easy-to-follow tutorials and fun challenges make their channel a go-to resource for craft enthusiasts, but they also invite viewers into their lives with shopping hauls, reviews, and lifestyle videos.

9. Lauren Orlando

  • Subscribers: 1.47 Million
  • Channel Name: @LaurenOrlando
  • Channel Category: Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Channel Launch Date: 2013

Lauren Orlando, also known as Lolo, is a Canadian YouTuber who shares videos related to beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. Her stylish and well-edited videos are a hit among teenagers looking for fashion inspiration and beauty tips.

Lauren’s genuine personality and relatable content make her a favourite among her viewers.

10. Tanner Fox

  • Subscribers: 10.2 Million
  • Channel Name: @TannerFox
  • Channel Category: Professional Scooter Riding, General Entertainment
  • Channel Launch Date: 2011

Tanner Fox is a professional scooter rider who shares videos of his skillful tricks and stunts. His daring performances and love for extreme sports have earned him a massive following.

Tanner’s videos not only entertain but also inspire many young viewers to pursue their passions. He has transitioned over the years into a more experiential channel.

11. Danielle Cohn

  • Subscribers: 1.74 Million
  • Channel Name: @DanielleCohn
  • Channel Category: Music, Vlogs and Hauls
  • Channel Launch Date: 2010

Danielle Cohn is an American YouTuber who shares a mix of lifestyle videos and music. Her engaging personality and talent for singing have garnered her a substantial following.

Danielle’s channel offers a blend of entertainment and music, catering to diverse viewer interests.

12. Jules LeBlanc

  • Subscribers: 4.21 Million
  • Channel Name: @JulesLeBlanc
  • Channel Category: Vlogs and Music
  • Channel Launch Date: 2008

Jules LeBlanc, also known as Annie LeBlanc, is a YouTuber known for her vlogs and music videos. Initially famous for her gymnastics videos, Jules branched out into music and vlogging after she gained a larger audience.

Her honest and relatable content alongside her lifestyle content and life updates has earned her a loyal fan base.

13. Sophie Michelle

Sophie Michelle

  • Subscribers: 789K
  • Channel Name: @SophieMichelleSays
  • Channel Category: Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Channel Launch Date: 2017

Sophie Michelle is a young YouTuber known for her beauty and lifestyle content. Her tutorials, product reviews, and lifestyle tips make her channel a favourite among many young viewers.

Sophie’s mature content and professional demeanor make her a role model for many teenagers. She also has a very different channel for ASMR content.

14. Grace and Grace

  • Subscribers: 310K
  • Channel Name: @GraceandGracexx
  • Channel Category: Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Channel Launch Date: 2014

Grace and Grace are a duo known for their beauty and fashion content. Their stylish looks and practical beauty advice have earned them a loyal fan base.

The duo’s friendly and relatable content makes their channel a favourite among many teenagers.

15. Brent Rivera

  • Subscribers: 30.3 Million
  • Channel Name: @BrentRivera
  • Channel Category: Challenges, Pranks and Stunts
  • Channel Launch Date: 2009

Brent Rivera is a well-known YouTuber famous for his challenge videos and pranks.

His hilarious videos and charismatic personality have made him a favourite among many teenagers. Brent’s content is not only entertaining but also relatable, making him a hit among his viewers.

Is YouTube Safe for Teenagers?

Is Youtube Safe

While YouTube offers a wealth of information and entertainment, parents might be concerned about the safety of the platform for teenagers.

It’s important to remember that YouTube has community guidelines and policies in place to protect its viewers. However, parents should always monitor what their children are watching and discuss appropriate online behaviour with them.

The teenage YouTubers mentioned in this article are all known for their positive and engaging content. However, as with any online platform, it’s essential for parents to be vigilant and ensure that the content their children are viewing is suitable and safe.

In conclusion, YouTube is a platform that offers a plethora of content, and teenage YouTubers are among the most creative and innovative creators on the platform. These young influencers provide a unique and relatable perspective that resonates with their peers.

As a parent, understanding who these influencers are and what they offer can help you guide your children’s online viewing habits more effectively.