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Seven years a blogger!

A man pointing at a badge with the number seven on it.

Seven years ago today, I wrote my first ever blog post. It was short, to the point and without any pictures. It was also the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever written. Not because I was putting myself out there, you understand. I was a journalist back then, so was already familiar with that. It was …

My TV debut

A screenshot of the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC2.

Today got off to an unusual start. I had actually slept well. Amelie, who thinks it’s much more fun to keep the same waking hours as most woodland creatures, only had us up once. As a result, I felt shattered. It’s a strange reaction, I know, but I imagine the body thinks “Yeah, let’s have another …

My Sunday Photo: calm

A quiet, still pond surrounded by autumn trees. A picture of calm!

Life has been more than a little hectic of late. With the first week of the new term, our house being on the market and work piling up, it’s been difficult to remain calm! This, then, was much needed. I was in nearby Lewes for a couple of meetings and had arrived half an hour …