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Review: Crayola Scoot

A screenshot from Crayola Scoot.

Playing video games and making a mess are two things that my sons excel at. So I was pretty confident that they’d enjoy Crayola Scoot. The new family-friendly title released today is Crayola’s first licensed video game in 14 years. It aims – and succeeds – to deliver competitive, social and creative play. Crayola Scoot …

My top five panic buys

A cash machine with the words "my top five panic buys" displayed on the screen.

I’m generally very good at spending money wisely. That said, I end up buying something truly random every now and then. A certain purchase last night is a case in point. There was some leftover roast chicken in the fridge after lunch with Kate’s side of the family. We fancied some sandwiches with a couple of …