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11 months old already!

A happy little girl who is 11 months old already!

I can’t believe that Amelie is 11 months old already! We have had another month of milestones and mischief as she continues to make her presence felt. The big news is that her first teeth have finally broken through. They had been basically visible beneath her gums for months and all the other signs were …

The label guy

A meerkat toy with a chewed label.

“Once you label me, you negate me,” said the philosopher Kierkegaard once upon a time. Let’s skate over the fact that I only know them thanks to Wayne’s World. Although he was probably using these immortal words to articulate the profound folly of those who base what they say about others on relatively limited information and understanding, …

Alexander the Great

A baby boy trying to crawl.

It recently struck me that I haven’t written much about Xander of late. How rude! Dylan’s long-awaited achievements of speaking and sleeping in a proper bed have dominated rather. So the littlest member of the household has taken a back seat. Well this post is going to be all about him. So how’s the little fella …