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Interview: The Sleep Nanny

A portrait photo of Sleep Nanny, Lucy Shrimpton.

Many parents will be all too familiar with the woes of a child who just won’t sleep – and with Xander’s determination to not let anyone rest at night, I’m a fully-paid-up member of that particular club! So when I was offered the opportunity to interview baby sleep specialist, Lucy Shrimpton – also known as The …

ARGH! Go to sleep!

Me trying to get Xander to sleep

This post is about a monumentally shit night’s sleep. I’m writing it straight after an equally awful one, so please forgive any bitterness. Xander has, of late, been a complete nightmare during the hours when children of his age should be fast asleep. He was already rubbish at sleeping through the night – I think …

The Tag Team

The A-Team logo crudely edited to say "The Tag Team".

“In 2012 a crack sibling unit was sent to bed by their parents for a crime they didn’t commit. These boys promptly escaped from their slumbers to the East Sussex underground. Today, still wanted asleep by their knackered parents, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you need to stay awake all night for no …