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Middle age dread

An egg timer to symbolise my 'middle age dread'.

As far as perceptions of age are concerned, I’m officially over the hill. I turned 40 last year and, despite some claims that it’s the new 30, I’m yet to feel it. Particularly of late. I don’t know whether it’s because of lockdown fatigue creeping in, the cumulative stress of seven years trying to move …

A new way of thinking?

A chalk drawing of a thought bubble. A new way of thinking?

It’s amazing how much parenting can change you as a person. I’ve learned all kinds of new skills, plus incredible amounts about a vast array of topics. Perhaps the biggest change, however, is one that is there 24 hours a day yet is rarely consciously considered. It seems to have given me a new way …

The Princess and the Peas

A close-up of peas. The Princess and the Peas.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me about parenting is my ability to forget things. Specifically how to negotiate tricky phases. And, yes, we’re in one of those at the moment. I call this particular tale of parenting woe The Princess and the Peas. You see, youngest seems to have something against vegetables. And, despite …