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The Princess and the Peas

A close-up of peas. The Princess and the Peas.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me about parenting is my ability to forget things. Specifically how to negotiate tricky phases. And, yes, we’re in one of those at the moment. I call this particular tale of parenting woe The Princess and the Peas. You see, youngest seems to have something against vegetables. And, despite …

The year of the Panda Parent?

A baby panda climbing a wooden structure.

I made an interesting discovery yesterday. I’m becoming a panda parent. I’ve heard of numerous nicknames for parenting approaches over the years but this was a new one on me. Coined by American author Esther Wojcicki, being a panda parent is about taking a more relaxed approach. That’s not to say it’s a licence to …

Competitive parenting? No thanks

Three trophies on a winners' podium.

I was disappointed to read about a new Channel 4 show coming soon. Entitled Britain’s Best Parent? the five-episode series will enter the world of competitive parenting. It will pit various approaches against one another in front of a live audience to establish whether a perfect parenting philosophy exists. First of all, I think the …