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My top five LEGO injuries

Two LEGO Stormtroopers carrying a third on a stretcher.

I’ve always loved LEGO and am delighted that the kids have got into it too. Perhaps inevitably with so much of the stuff and three children, it ends up everywhere. As a result, we’ve spent a lot of time recently finding missing pieces and reassembling sets. I won’t lie; I really enjoy doing this. It’s a …

My top ten parenting fails

A man in a facepalm pose with the words "My top ten parenting fails" superimposed.

I returned to the scene I associate with my first big parenting faux pas recently. Fortunately, there was no repeat of what happened but the place still makes me wince. Since then, I’ve notched up plenty of parenting fails. Starting with that first one – and in no particular order as they’re all bad – …