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Review: FReNeTiC

A board game called FReNeTiC.

Disclosure: I received a copy of FReNeTiC in exchange for this review.  We love a good board game in our house. It’s always good to discover one that stealthily educates kids too. And, in FReNeTiC, I’ve found one that achieves just that. Made by the creators of Accentuate, it’s a word game based on the …

Review: Airside Andy

A screenshot from the game Airside Andy.

Xander is always asking to download new apps and games and here’s his latest favourite! Airside Andy is the world’s first massive multiplayer online game for kids. As its name suggests, the game is set in a busy airport. The aim is to help Andy and his assistant Tilly ensure that everything runs smoothly. Players can help …

Review: Total Action Football

Total Action Football.

Since Dylan and Xander discovered football, I’ve been looking forward to much. As well as kickabouts and watching it, there are plenty of games to enjoy together. Being ‘Captain Clumsy’ and ‘Captain Carnage’ respectively, they’re not ready for my childhood favourite yet but here’s a great alternative. Total Action Football is a five-a-side game that’s quick …