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I’m no Spider-Man

A man wearing a Spider-man mask with his hand over his mouth.

There are several roles you have to assume as a proper grown up. Some of them come naturally and others not so much. Focussing on the latter – well, foibles are much more interesting to read about than achievements – we’ve reached a particular time of year that I dread. Spider season. And it’s fair …

TMI – The meme

A computer screen full of complex information.

It’s been a while since I participated in a meme and I was wondering what to write about today, so this one was well timed – thanks to Tammy from Me and the Tiny 3 for tagging me! This one’s called TMI which, if that stands for what I think it does, is also the title of …

Dances with woodlice

Some woodlice.

I write this post while taking part in the boss battle that is the end of a really nasty virus. I haven’t felt so ill in ages. My energy has been completely sapped, my limbs have ached, my voice has been replaced by a largely inarticulate groaning sound and my brain hurts. To all intents and …