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Flake news!

An ice cream van with a 'flake news' sign claiming it is out of stock.

One of my earliest childhood memories concerns the use of a small fib to combat my reluctance to try a certain food. It was meat – I’m not entirely sure which kind – but I remember that it was at my grandparents’ house in Kent. Probably desperate to avoid a standoff, my parents told me …

10 years old already!

A young lad who's 10 years old already!

Well, how has this happened, eh? My oldest child is 10 years old already. It has been an entire decade since that surreal sleepless night in which he entered our lives. His arrival followed an on-and-off, three-day labour which felt like forever at the time – particularly for my brilliant wife. But the subsequent 10 …

A new way of thinking?

A chalk drawing of a thought bubble. A new way of thinking?

It’s amazing how much parenting can change you as a person. I’ve learned all kinds of new skills, plus incredible amounts about a vast array of topics. Perhaps the biggest change, however, is one that is there 24 hours a day yet is rarely consciously considered. It seems to have given me a new way …