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Why do cats meow?

A cat on a bed.

If I ever go on Mastermind, there’s an unlikely candidate for my specialist subject. Cats. As well as growing up in a family of ailurophiles – yep, cat lovers – I spent five and a half years working for the UK’s biggest feline welfare charity. Specifically, I wrote and edited copy for a wide range …

Cat burglar

A naughty cat with a load of socks

You know those maps that show you how many crimes have been committed on your street? Well there’s probably a ruddy big dot on the precise location of our house on the one of our road, thanks to a stealthy criminal who has been purloining our possessions on a daily basis. Yes, we have a one-cat crimewave living …

She-Ra take a bow

A cat attacking a television as a football video game is being played.

It struck me the other day that I’ve posted a couple of pictures of the newest addition to our family on here but haven’t written about her yet. Very remiss of me, especially as I think she’s going to  inspire a number of posts with the shenanigans she gets up to. Meet our new kitten, She-Ra! She’s been …