Diary of the Dad is a blog about being a dad and the highs and lows of being a parent. I started writing it to keep a record of family life and don’t intend to lose track of that.

It has since become my full-time job and I now work with brands regularly. I make no apology for doing so as it helps put food on the table!

As a result, I am legally obliged to disclose content of a commercial nature. The following, therefore, is my disclosure statement.

Sponsored content

Posts that are labelled as ‘sponsored’, ‘featured’ or ‘collaborative’ – either in the title or elsewhere – have been paid for by the brand in question or a PR acting on its behalf.


Posts that are labelled as ‘review’ are just as they sound. Ordinarily, I keep the products as payment in kind.

Views expressed in posts

Everything I publish is in my voice and not that of the brand in question. It represents my own opinion and I will never post any copy that I haven’t written myself.

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