A different kind of leap year

A man jumping across a chasm.

I’ve been my own boss for a year now. A year and a day, actually, given the existence of 29 February. A whole 366 days without pointless meetings, petty office politics, red tape, commuter hell and overpriced coffee. As you can probably tell, I don’t miss my old existence at all. It was making me stressed, tired …

National Freelancers Day

An office setup in a bedroom.

Happy National Freelancers Day! In a little over a month, I’ll have been my own boss for a whole year. When I quit my well-paid but completely miserable existence at a red tape obsessed organisation last summer, I wasn’t sure it would work out. But I took the leap of faith and haven’t looked back since. …

The big kick off

A game of table football about to kick off.

Today is something of a landmark day for me; it’s the proper beginning of my new life as a freelance copywriter. Dylan went back to school last week and Xander returned to pre school this morning so I’m finally able to fully concentrate on my work. It was always going to be a challenge to get much done working from …