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Review: Total Action Football

Total Action Football.

Since Dylan and Xander discovered football, I’ve been looking forward to much. As well as kickabouts and watching it, there are plenty of games to enjoy together. Being ‘Captain Clumsy’ and ‘Captain Carnage’ respectively, they’re not ready for my childhood favourite yet but here’s a great alternative. Total Action Football is a five-a-side game that’s quick …

Review: Playfoam

A pack of Playfoam

Did you know that Sunday is National Children’s Day? The initiative is all about the importance of a healthy childhood so that kids grow up to be happy, well-adjusted adults. To mark the day, Learning Resources is focussing on the role that play and creativity have and sent us a couple of packs of Playfoam to …

Review: Accentuate

A game called Accentuate comprising a box, two decks of cards, a die and a timer.

I’ve always had a bit of a fascination for accents and, having a bit of a boring flat southern one myself, enjoy attempting to speak with a regional twang. My family are the same. As my dad is a linguist, we often find ourselves having conversations in different dialects. It passes the time now and …