Video games

Review: LEGO Dimensions

The LEGO Dimensions set including figures, game and toy pad.

Dylan and Xander have both been getting more and more into LEGO lately and I’ve looking forward to them getting into video games too (I know, I should be careful what I wish for) so I was absolutely delighted to be offered a brand new LEGO Dimensions set for review. This ‘toys-to-life’ format game brings together …

Game on!

Two small boys on a sofa playing a video game.

So a video game that I’ve been looking forward to for ages is coming out tomorrow. I saved a £10 gift card for almost a year to put towards it. That’s how dedicated I am to playing this one. And, yes, it’s THAT wildly inappropriate one that includes just about everything unsavoury you can think …

Game Boy

An Xbox 360 controller.

As he continues to edge ever closer to walking and talking, Dylan has shown signs recently of interest in another activity that I’m also very excited about – video games. Yes, he seems to have worked out how to switch on the Xbox. I’m so proud! Whether or not this has anything to do with …