Review: Science is Magic

A child with a copy of Science is Magic.

This is a collaborative post with DK Books. In case you didn’t know already, we’re currently in British Science Week. So what better time to review this title recently published by DK? Written by science presenter and comedian, Steve Mould, Science is Magic teaches kids the science behind a range of magic tricks. I’ve always been …

Review: The LEGO Book New Edition

The front cover of The LEGO Book New Edition.

We absolutely love LEGO in our house. Indeed, the kids have already built an extensive collection. What’s more, the sets I had as a kid remain all present and correct at my parents’ home. There’s something quite brilliant about following the instructions to make vehicles and buildings or, of course, creating your own. This new …

What I watched this week: Fortitude

A TV test card with the words "What I watched this week" superimposed.

This week, I’ve been watching increasingly unbelievable events unfold against a bleak backdrop. No, I’m not talking about news coverage of Brexit again. The main attraction has been season three of Fortitude. As usual, there are spoilers – including for seasons one and two this time – so you may want to come back after …