Three photos of a dad with his children as newborns. #ADadIsBorn

I’m Tom Briggs. A proud dad of three and, somehow or other, the writer of one of the UK’s longest-running dad blogs.

I’ve been writing Diary of the Dad since 2010 and it’s gone from a small hobby to something much bigger, picking up three awards and numerous top ten rankings along the way.

I still have the same enthusiasm for this dad blog as I did when I wrote my first post. I hope you enjoy reading my musings as much as I do writing them.

The main protagonists you’ll read about are my three children Dylan, Xander and Amelie.

Dylan was born in 2010 and Diary of the Dad followed suit the same year.

Xander followed in 2012 and I was lucky enough to be able to announce his impending arrival when I won the Best Baby Blog category at the 2011 MAD Blog Awards.

Amelie completed the family in 2015.

I use this dad blog to share my musings about parenthood and the things my kids get up to as they reach each exciting new stage.

I’m sure they’ll grow up to find this embarrassing, so if you’re a close friend reading this in the distant future, you should find some good material for your best man or maid of honour’s speech.

Thanks for reading!

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