My best posts of 2021

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This time last year, I began my annual roundup post with a comment about how awful 2020 was. Well, 2021 clearly asked its predecessor to hold its beer, didn’t it? Another fundamentally crap year, all said.

But it’s always important to look back at the highlights so here’s my yearly review of the blog posts I’m proudest of. I haven’t written that many – something to do better at in 2022 – and I was worried that the relative few I wrote would paint a rather gloomy picture of me.

Happily, that isn’t the case. I mean, there was plenty of gloom, but just as many about things that made me smile throughout the year. So I’m glad I made myself put this post together!

Here, then, are my best posts of 2021.

I’m already exhausted by homeschooling

Yes, yes. I got the name wrong. It was officially remote learning as opposed to homeschooling. But cast your minds back to January when we all had to have a crack at being teachers and I’m sure you can forgive me.

“Tom has three children. They each have three video calls, three times a day. How stressed is Tom?”

Five phrases that sound wrong when said by kids

I’m not talking about swearing here – although that doesn’t sound right when uttered by kids either.

No, this one is about everyday phrases that just feel odd when spoken by primary-age kids.

Lockdown is enabling my middle-aged tendencies

I’ve always been a bit old before my time but having mandated time cut off from the rest of the world has taken me to the next level.

Maybe it’s just lockdown fatigue, but sudden interests in ornithology, sleep and going to the dentist could signal an early start to the Saga years.

Four times my kids parodied me via art

I love how creative all three of my children are and am genuinely delighted that they still want to draw pictures of me.

But I have to wonder whether they’re sometimes using art as a medium for taking the piss

Kids’ things that give me the creeps

I’m a huge fan of TV shows like The Walking Dead, so you’d have thought there’s not much that can frighten me. Think again.

There are loads of apparently innocent things intended for kids that leave me feeling very unsettled

How being a parent has made me better at my job

I started a new job this year and get to work from home full time. So I see the kids much more, which is great. This got me wondering whether parenting has made me better at my job.

And the answer is yes. So this post is about what Content Designers do and how having kids has made me good at being one.

Five things I can learn with a kid at secondary school

I still can’t believe my oldest is at secondary school now. Where has the time gone, eh? Still, there are educational opportunities for me too.

Such as Spanish, philosophy and finally learning how to fasten a tie.

I’ve become the parenting equivalent of VAR

How can being a dad be anything like a vastly unpopular sporting decision-making system? Well, I’ll tell you…

This post is about the disciplinary tightrope that parents can find themselves on when attempting to guarantee fair play at home.

Has parenting become harder?

After my first radio appearance in a couple of years, I wrote a post about the topic I was invited to debate on the airwaves. Namely, whether parenting is harder these days.

I think it has and there are a number of reasons for this, all of which pre-date the pandemic.

My Secret Santa hell

Having an entirely remote job is bliss if you don’t enjoy office traditions like Secret Santa. Spoiler alert: I don’t. So why on earth did I agree to organise one at home?

I still don’t know. But I could never have predicted the chaos that would ensue…

So that’s it for another year and those were my best posts of 2021.

Here’s to a not-quite-as-rubbish 2022. Happy New Year!

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