A bit of a scare

A red first aid kit.

I had a bit of a scare last week. Actually, to be more accurate, my family had a bit of a scare and it was because of me. I fainted, landing on the hardest floor in the house.

This had never happened to me before – certainly not in adult life anyway – but I knew it was going to. It was first thing in the morning and, thanks to a heavy cold, I’d had an awful night’s sleep. Just four hours, in fact, according to my irritatingly cheerful Fitbit.

I was doing some leftover washing up when I started feeling dizzy. “I’m going to collapse in a minute,” I thought. So I ambled towards the kitchen door, intending to sit at the bottom of the stairs.

I didn’t make it that far. The next thing I knew, there was a loud crash as I slumped to the floor, knocking over the bins. Then I heard the nine-year-old shouting to my wife.

Luckily, she was nearby. I think I must have only been out for an instant. The only thing I don’t recall was shoulder barging our previously wobbly fridge, inadvertently righting it in the process.

I was okay – just tired and sporting some new bruises. But I dread to think how the kids would have felt if I’d been the only adult around. So I’ve taken it as an alarm call to prepare them for what to do if such a thing happens again to either of us.

To be fair, they’re quite good at checking for signs of concussion as I’ve had to do this on them numerous times. Particularly one of them who seems to think he’s a stunt performer.

They also know where the first aid kit is, as well as the cold pack – the magic sponge of these times – so that’s useful.

But we ought to teach them about checking for other vitals – such as the ABC of airway, breathing, circulation – if it’s safe for them to do so.

Then there’s the emergency contacts side of things. Despite our best efforts to keep PINs secret, all three kids know how to unlock our phones, so that’s actually a good thing in this context.

We’re going to make a list of who to call in which situation, plus what to do if nobody answers calls.

As we’re still very comfortable avoiding the outside world thanks to the pandemic, it’s very unlikely such a situation could arise. But it’s always best to be prepared.

So a bit of a scare for all concerned, but hopefully we’ll all learn something from it. And the place we store the cold pack is no longer wonky, so it’s a win-win situation ultimately.


  1. Damion Founde

    Wow… I hope you’re ok now!?

    We’ve taught my kids the basics for checking vitals etc.. mainly because of my mental “cancer thoughts” breakdown.

    But, absolutely.. maybe it should part of the curriculum!?

  2. John Adams

    Well done on righting the fridge. At least something good came of this. Well, two actually, you’ve got the whole family thinking about first aid. Anyway Tom, more importantly, look after yourself. No more fainting please!

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