How ready am I for summer? Very!

Three pictures of a man wearing clothes by Very.

Disclosure: This is a paid collaboration with Very.

Life will return to some semblance of normal soon and, if you’re anything like me, your attire of late has probably reflected the Groundhog Day existence of the last year or so.

I was in need of some new threads so was happy to hear from the people at Very. They invited me to pick some clothes and shoes from their comprehensive menswear range.

I went for three different outfits. One for an ideal summer, another for British summer and a third for the long-awaited return of five-a-side.

Ideal summer

I don’t wear shirts nearly as much as I used to and tend to stick to the same blues and greens. So this pink linen shirt is a much-needed step out of my comfort zone.

I paired it with some khaki cargo shorts. I like the contrast in colour with the shirt and they’ll go nicely with most other colours too.

To complete the summer look, I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with Converse so opted for a pair of black leather All Stars.

British summer

We don’t always get what we want weather-wise, so some clothes for slightly cooler conditions are well in order too. With this in mind, I chose a pair of straight cut dark wash jeans and an Essential V-neck T-shirt in teal.

For when the sun inevitably naffs off, I selected an Essential over head hoodie. This particular garment is part of a great value two-pack. More on that shortly!


I can’t wait to get back to five-a-side and have really missed my weekly kick around. My kit was already tatty before lockdown so a new one made sense.

I picked an Under Armour Training Tech T-shirt and a pair of Nike shorts. As for footwear, I play indoors so non-marking soles are essential.

These Adidas Gazelles are just the job and look the part too. While I won’t necessarily move with the same grace as the animal they’re named after, I think they’ll serve me well.

The second hoodie lends itself nicely for the pre-match warm-up.

Very Essential

I’m really pleased with all of my new clothes and am impressed by the quality and good value of all the Very Essential items.

They’re all really comfortable and a great fit. While my modelling skills leave a lot to be desired, I’m feeling good about how I look.

How ready am I for summer? Very!


  1. Eddie

    Get you on that cat walk Tom, striking poses like a pro there.

    Seems like very have it sussed for the summer range. I’m really funny and particular about clothes (not fashionable in the slightest) but do rock a dad bod that took a fair few pork pies to create and do find clothes a pain in the backside to find decent fitting sizes that are comfortable.

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