Lockdown is enabling my middle-aged tendencies

A Scrabble set with the word 'lockdown' created with the tiles.

Last year, I wrote a post about starting to feel old before my time. Back then, I wasn’t sure whether lockdown had played a part but now I am.

Eight months on and still restricted to the confines of home, I definitely feel that lockdown is enabling my middle-aged tendencies.

The Easter holidays have made me particularly aware of this. With no school runs and working from home, I’ve very much got into lie-ins. I rarely stay up to play video games anymore either. If there’s extra sleep to be had, I’m all over it.

Consequently, I’m not as active as I’d like to be so, for the moment at least, I’ve really slowed down. And I seem to be getting more excited about the kind of things that appeal to older people.

Recently, for example, I saw a Little Egret in the field behind our house. I made a bolt for my camera – nearly doing a hamstring in the process – and was delighted to get a picture before it flew off again.

A Little Egret.

Another sign of being long in the tooth earlier than planned is the fact I literally am getting longer in the tooth. I’ve reached the point where I want to go to the dentist.

And that’s really saying something as I’m terrified of them! It’s not just my knees that are made of Weetabix – my gums seem to be too.

So, pretty soon, my bedside table might be home to a glass with false teeth in it as well as the books – reading in bed has become a thing too – and antacids that already live there.

I’m only 41, but I feel at least 10 years older at the moment. Having to stay at home for so long has definitely played a huge part in all of this.

I really hope this is just lockdown fatigue – or even a good old-fashioned midlife crisis. But, right now, my middle-aged tendencies are alarming me. I’m acting like I’m retired!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m looking forward to being actually middle-aged, but just not yet. I want to feel a bit younger again.

So I need to arrest this slump. And the good news is that I took some positive action today. I had some annual leave booked so we had a family day out. In Eastbourne.

As the town is often the butt of jokes about old people, it remains to be seen whether I can count it as baby steps in the right direction…

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