How to encourage your kids to be Super Siblings

Two super siblings reading a copy of Create Your Own Kindness.

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Like most parents of more than one child, I find sibling relationships fascinating. It’s really interesting observing how they act towards each other.

For the most part, they get on famously. But there are times when my three need reminding to be nice to each other!

One of my go-to sentences in these situations is “Be kind to each other… it’s really easy, you know.” And that’s what this post is all about…

Written by Becky Goddard-Hill, Create your own Kindness is a brand new activity book for children age 6-12 published by Harper Collins.

Create Your own Kindness contains 50 activities to encourage kids to be kind to themselves, others and the world as a whole. Each one is underpinned by a little bit of science that explains how and why it works.

It’s packed with fun activities all focussed on kindness and will provide hours of entertainment as well as strengthen your child’s emotional wellbeing.

Here are some tips from Becky to help kids to be super siblings to help create a kind, happy and harmonious home.

Create Your Own Kindness cover.

How to encourage your kids to be Super Siblings

Kids often take their brothers or sisters for granted, but they’re incredibly important parts of their lives. Indeed, research has found that, by the time kids are 11, they’ll have spent more time with their sibling than with anyone else at all including their parents!

Such a long relationship and such an important one really does need to be a good one and the fuller it is with kindness the better.

Scientists have found that another person is much more likely to be kind themselves if they see someone else being kind. Being a kind sibling involves showing interest, sharing special times, and giving respect.

Becky suggests encouraging your kids to be kind to each other – a sentiment I heartily echo!

Pop this tick list up on your fridge and have a column for each of your kids. Encourage each of your kids to tick off these super siblings tasks as they give them a go over the next week.

  • Play a game with your sibling
  • Ask them what they’re reading
  • Watch a film together
  • Look at some family photos
  • Pay your sibling a compliment
  • Encourage them with something they’re doing
  • Ask them to share their hobby with you
  • Listen when they talk
  • Teach your sibling something you know
  • Create something together
  • Sing karaoke together
  • Learn a magic trick with your sibling

Kindness is contagious so just doing one of the above tasks should start a chain of good will.

Teaching children what they can do to be a kind sibling rather than focussing on what they need to stop reaps the most positive rewards.

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