What would my remote learning report say?

A blackboard with happy, neutral and sad faces next to tick boxes to denote the success of remote learning from a parent's point of view.

With the latest round of remote learning over and children back in schools, I’m sure many parents are breathing a sigh of relief. For our part, we’ll miss having our three around but won’t miss the stress of virtual lessons.

I like to look at everything as a learning experience though, so it’s time to take stock.

So what would a remote learning report say about me as a parent?


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Tom finally knows what a fronted adverbial is. This is no mean feat – despite his protestations that he has an English degree and 17 years’ experience of writing for a living, the penny hadn’t dropped.

He read two Harry Potter books this term, putting real expression into the characters. He also joined in enthusiastically with World Book Day.


Tom showed excellent theoretical knowledge of football in particular – regaling the class with regular thoughts on injuries, tactics and teamwork.

However, he has so far failed to demonstrate most of this in practice. Indeed, he recently admitted that his Google timeline claimed he completed a nine-yard walk in 36 minutes.

Must do better.


Tom has an impressive knowledge of 1800s America, as well as of Germany towards the conclusion of the cold war.

Sadly this was purely down to replaying lots of Red Dead Redemption 2 and watching Deutschland 89.

While it’s admirable that he’s so enthusiastic about these extra-curricular activities, it did nothing to help him with the Titanic or ancient Egypt.


Tom is always an active member of the class during group conversations and relates well to others. He’s also knowledgeable on the range of topics we cover in these lessons.

It has to be said, though, that he has been noticeably lacking in self-care lately. Shaving would be a good start.


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Tom clearly understands the theory of this subject but has been somewhat lacking in motivation.

He did, however, expanded his knowledge of the area during daily exercise by including a walk-by visit to a local landmark


There’s no helping some people.


Tom showed a sound understanding of both chemistry and physics on pancake day. He combined the ingredients and heat to create perfect pancakes and flipped them without dropping any.

He needs to build on this success by showing that he can use these scientific food preparation skills more often than on alternate Shrove Tuesdays.


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Despite ample opportunity for pursuing photographic work, Tom has produced very little of note this term. His Instagram feed has been disappointingly sparse.

His picture of a blackbird singing at sunset is the only thing preventing him from completely failing this subjective subject.


Unable to assess as lockdown measures have prevented Jehova’s Witnesses from knocking on people’s front doors.

However, Tom maintains that he would engage in debate with them – and win – without recourse to playground language.


The entire class has delivered some excellent drama throughout the term and Tom is no exception.

His early February monologue based on the perceived collapse of Tottenham’s season was breathtaking.

What would your remote learning report say about you as a parent?


  1. John Adams

    All I can say Tom, it was great to see you learned something…although I am a little disappointed that you didn’t do better in maths! And what is a fronted adverbial????

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