Review: How to Grow Up (and Feel Amazing!) by Dr Ranj

Dr Ranj posing with a copy of How to Grow Up (and Feel Amazing!)

Disclosure: I received a copy of How to Grow Up (and Feel Amazing!) to review and keep.

Oldest is off to secondary school in September, so there’s no getting away from the fact that the difficult developmental stage synonymous with the teenage years isn’t far away.

I have to admit that it’s something I’m dreading. Of course, I’ve been there myself but not as a parent yet. I’m not looking forward to discussing embarrassing topics or, to be honest, the very real danger of laughing at certain words because I’m still capable of immaturity at 41.

Thankfully for me – and many other parents, I’m sure – the brilliant Dr Ranj has just penned a book on the eternally awkward subject.

How to Grow Up (and Feel Amazing!) The No Worries Guide for Boys covers everything from puberty,  physical development and self-care to relationships, mental health and the online world.

I often think that life must be tougher for teenagers nowadays. I remember going through puberty in a world without the Internet or social media and it was bad enough back then!

Each chapter begins with song lyrics. This is obviously a great device for getting the attention of a tween audience. It also provides familiarity which, in turn, should help readers feel more comfortable with each subject.

What I really like about this book is its friendly, conversational tone. Indeed, you can almost hear Dr Ranj reading aloud as it’s very much in keeping with his presenting style.

It’s accessible, informative and should provide plenty of reassurance as well as inspire confidence. He also draws upon personal experience throughout, which I think will really help young readers.

Of course, helping adolescents to negotiate this tricky phase is a parent’s responsibility but I, for one, am very glad of this book.

It will help reinforce important advice and is a great resource for young lads. Naturally, there are some questions they might feel uncomfortable asking their parents. And, rest assured, those questions are addressed sensitively.

How to Grow Up (and Feel Amazing!) is recommended for age nine and up. It’s out now in Wren & Rook paperback, priced £8.99.

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  1. melanie stirling

    This would be perfect for my nephew, he doesn’t talk very much as he has Selective Mutism so this might help with some of his worries.

  2. Rebecca Beesley

    Sounds really handy – especially for my daughter who will turn 9 very soon and physically growing up fast. When we were talking about gut health and poo the other day she was telling me that she already knew some of what we were talking about from watching Dr Ranj on TV.

  3. Fiona

    This looks like it’d be a great read for my boy – I’ve heard good things about this book!

  4. J Webb

    My 5-year-old is a massive fan she chooses to watch Dr Ranj on TV. rather than a Disney movie! This has sparked an interest of self-care and medicine in her . she plays doctors all the time and wants to go into medicine when she’s older she even advices my mum on thing like digestion. She very aware of the need to look after herself and I know she would be dighted if I won this for her.

  5. Laura Corrall

    Dr Ranj is just so awesome. We’ve loved him since his time on Cbeebies so many years ago. So it’s great that he is still helping those kids even after they’ve moved on from Cbeebies and are starting puberty.

  6. Jessica L

    My 11 year old should’ve covered ‘growing up’ and puberty in school by now, but lockdown has meant it’s not been taught (yet). Dr Ranj’s book looks great.

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