A watershed moment waiting to happen

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First things first, Happy New Year. I hope 2021 will be a vast improvement on its predecessor for all of us. This time last year, I wrote a post explaining why I wasn’t making any new year’s resolutions. This year, I am making one, albeit with a caveat. More on that shortly.

Looking back 12 months, it was just as well I didn’t resolve to visit more places, get more exercise and drink less! As 2020 began, we were about to move house and my focus was mainly on that. Within a fortnight of doing so, we were in lockdown and things haven’t changed much since.

When restrictions were relaxed, we decided against venturing out – with the exception of school runs once they reopened in September – so we’ve effectively remained in our bubble for 10 months and counting.

The most alarming thing about all of this is that it hasn’t been much of a shock to the system for us. We often referred to ‘staying in our bubble’ long before Covid reared its ugly head. Sure, we got out most weekends but usually avoided crowded places.

I remember thinking that finally moving house after seven years of trying was going to be a watershed moment. Once settled, the plan was to be more adventurous and get out of our comfort zone as much as possible.

After years of earning just enough to get by as my own boss, I had a well-paid job, so everything was falling into place.

Obviously, that hasn’t happened thanks to the situation we’re all in. Social distancing measures were introduced and, like many others, I lost my job too.

There are small rays of hope though. Although it looks very much like we’re heading into another necessary lockdown, vaccination programmes are underway. Plus, on a personal level, I accepted a job offer on Christmas Eve.

So my resolution is to live more rather than merely exist – once it’s safe to do so! This may take months, of course. But I’m determined to get out of our bubble when we can.

The aforementioned watershed moment is merely on hold. When – and only when – the world is a safer place again, we’re going to make up for time we lost before 2020 and start living again.

Until then, I’ll try to drink less wine but I’m not making any promises.


  1. Apocalypse Daddy

    Rollercoasters are such a lame analogy, but it sounds like you have been on one. Let’s focus on the positives and the future. Congratulations on accepting the job offer and huge kudos for making a promise to get out more once we can.

    Here’s to L.I.V.I.N.

    1. Post

      Oh, it’s been a rollercoaster all right! But, yes, it’s all about looking to the future now. Really looking forward to living properly again!

  2. Emma

    This is definitely not the time to promise to drink less! Let’s all clutch onto the rays of hope as we find them and gradually we’ll all get through it. Congratulations on the new job, and here’s to an improved 2021.

    1. Post

      I’ll drink to that! Thank you and, yes, let’s celebrate the little victories along the way and look forward to a brighter future.

  3. Damion Founde

    Totally agree with this Tom. I dont make resolutions, but if last year taught me anything it is to live life to the full and check in on others..

    Great read.

    1. Post

      Thanks, Damion! Yes, it’s all about keeping our heads up and getting through this. There are great times to be had once this horrible chapter is all over.

    1. Post

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