Five silver linings for Christmas in Covid

A man wearing a Santa hat and face mask to illustrate Christmas in Covid.

December is almost upon us so there’s no getting away from the countdown to Christmas. Like many people, I have really mixed feelings about it this year.

2020 has been truly awful so I want to give the kids a lovely Christmas. But, at the same time, I’m feeling so down about the threat of Covid and losing my job to it, that it’s hard to feel positive.

Of course, the former HAS to win through so I’ve been racking my brain to think of some silver linings for Christmas in Covid to get my motivation back. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Shopping hopping

Once you’ve seen one shopping centre, you’ve seen a mall. Sorry, not sorry. And I’m also not apologetic about staying well away from them. I really don’t like Christmas shopping in person and, this year, we have a very sensible reason to order online.

I won’t miss the stress caused by crowds of people forgetting basic manners in what allegedly is the season of goodwill. And that’s not the only thing…

Seasonal snacks

To quote Oscar Wilde, I can resist anything except temptation when it comes to yuletide snacks. The thing is, to paraphrase an altogether more lowbrow football chant, they’re shit and I know they are.

With no shopping trips planned, I’m quietly confident I won’t be sampling an ultimately disappointing Christmassy coffee or festive twists on lava-like baked goods.

Music to my ears

Yet another thing about the old-normal Christmas shopping is the fact that the same few songs seem to follow you around. But, this year, we all have an amazing chance of winning Whamageddon!

That’s right, staying away from public places will dramatically decrease your chances of hearing Last Christmas. All you need to do then is keep the kids away from any compilation CDs and Spotify.

Out of office

I genuinely liked my colleagues and miss working with them. I also miss having a general sense of purpose, self-respect and getting paid. But there is a silver lining to losing my job near Christmas. There are no office festivities to endure this year.

Oh yes. No forced fun, no awkward parties and no Secret Santa. Bliss!

One Robin doesn’t make Christmas

This last one is incredibly niche, I admit. But I’m cautiously optimistic we won’t get any round-robin letters intended for people who lived in our house at least 20 years beforehand. Every year without fail, we got one.

Wanting to make it stop, we tried looking up the recipient and opened the annual diatribes in the hope the culprit would include a return address. Alas, not. But we moved house in February so his monotonous musings are somebody else’s problem now. Yay!

So there you go – five rather silly little victories to make Christmas in Covid more bearable. Writing this has actually cheered me up a bit!


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