Christmas Gift Guide 2020

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Disclosure: I received the following items to feature in my Christmas Gift Guide 2020 and keep.

We’re into the last few weeks of the year so it’s time to think about the festive season. There’s no getting away from the fact that Christmas will be different this year.

With Covid-induced uncertainty and job losses – I know about this first-hand – it’s important to keep an eye on cost. So, this time, I’ve gone for a selection of gifts with a maximum price of £25.

As much as possible, I’ve tried to source environmentally-friendly gift ideas too.

So, without further ado, here’s my Christmas Gift Guide 2020…

Timberkits Caterpillar construction set. Christmas Gift Guide 2020.

Timberkits Caterpillar

I’ve always been a big fan of wooden toys and this construction set from Timberkits has the added bonuses of being fun to build and STEM-friendly. It teaches children the science of movement in a relatable way.

I also like the fact that, as there’s glue-drying time to factor in – as well as optional painting – it’s a project that requires more than one sitting to complete. I think it’s especially important to teach kids the value of patience.

RRP: £12.95 (Caterpillar Kit) £2.50 (Paint Set)

Organic Cotton Feminist Tote Bag.

Organic Cotton Feminist Tote Bag

We should all have long since abandoned plastic bags, but there are still way too many of them out there. It’s great to choose gifts from ethical vendors too. With these factors in mind, tote bags like this one from The Feminist Shop are a great idea.

Made from organic cotton and printed on demand with vegan ink, they’re environmentally friendly. And I love the range of inspiring slogans. This one – Liberté Egalité Sororité – is a powerful message that we want youngest to grow up with.

RRP: £20

Frozen 2 matching game. Christmas Gift Guide 2020.

Frozen 2 Top Trumps Match

This matching game features all the main characters from Frozen 2. The idea is to match five in a row – horizontally, vertically or diagonally. But, as the all-important pieces are cubes as opposed to two-dimensional tiles, any move could help your opponent!

It’s a great introduction to memory and strategy games for kids aged four and up. The grid also doubles as a carry case, making it a brilliant boredom buster for when we’re all able to venture into the unknown once more.

RRP: £15.99

Metal travel straw and brush.

Travel Straw Set

Numerous eateries have got rid of plastic straws in recent times and rightly so. There’s still way too much plastic waste out there though. Straws still have their uses, of course, and that’s where this pocket-friendly kit comes in handy.

Made from stainless steel, this telescopic straw is reusable and also comes with a cleaning brush. A great little stocking filler – I’ll drink to that!

RRP: £8

Richard Osman's House of Games.

Richard Osman’s House of Games

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a new family board game and this one, based on the popular TV show, promises to be lots of fun. It features 140 question cards spanning 10 games from the quiz. These include Rhyme Time, Totes Emoji and my personal favourite, Answer Smash.

There’s also a buzzer, rule sheet and winner’s trophy. It promises to be a great way of arresting the post-turkey slump on Christmas Day!

RRP: £25

Fuzzikins Dress Up Megapack.

Fuzzikins Dress Up Megapack

This craft and play set combines small-world play for children aged four and above It comprises six characters – namely a cat, hippo, bear, rabbit, mouse and hamster – as well as felt-tip pens and other decorative accessories.

The pens are washable, so children can create characters again and again. My money’s on a superhero hippo – pursued by a tutu-clad bear – scaling the Christmas tree before the day is out!

RRP: £19.99

AnySharp Pro knife sharpener.

AnySharp Pro

Another gift idea that helps eliminate waste, the Anysharp Pro can restore pretty much any blade to its former glory. It boasts a number of useful design features, including a powerful suction grip for safe sharpening.

Suitable for use with both straight and serrated knives, it takes just a few seconds to give blades a cutting edge again. It also has a 10-year guarantee – so that’s effectively at least a decade of not having to buy new utensils.

RRP: £20

Harry Potter Lex-Go word game. Christmas Gift Guide 2020.

Harry Potter Lex-Go!

We’re huge Harry Potter fans and word nerds to boot so this one was always going to magic its way into this year’s gift guide. The object of Harry Potter Lex-Go! is to get rid of all your letter tiles first and shout “LEXICON!”

You do so by making words, attacking those of other players and swapping letters. Naturally, there are some Hogwarts-centric elements to the game. The Polyjuice tile can be used as any letter, nouns and acronyms from the wizarding world are permitted and, if you place the word SNITCH, you instantly win the round.

RRP: £14.99

Emergency sewing kit.

Emergency Sewing Kit

Every home should have one of these! This simple sewing kit would make a great stocking filler for older children as it teaches them two important lessons. Namely the skill of sewing and the fact that clothes don’t need to be thrown away if slightly damaged.

It contains 48 pieces including needles, thread of six different colours, scissors, safety pins a seam ripper and thimble.

RRP: £9

Peppa Pig Peppa Pot set.

Peppa Pots

I think it’s so important to teach kids about how plants grow and this Peppa Pig set is a great introduction. The plant of choice in this one is cress which, of course, yields quick results for budding young gardeners.

Other pots in the range include red amaranth, pea and basil. In addition, each set has an extra growing project, while the fences can be connected to form a mini neighbourhood. Suitable for ages four and up.

RRP: £9.99

This concludes my Christmas Gift Guide 2020. Until next year!


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