Review: Build Your Own kits

A child looking through a Build Your Own telescope.

Disclosure: I received two Build Your Own kits to review and keep.

The school year is almost at an end and, having become used to lockdown-induced homeschooling, it’s going to be tricky keeping the kids as busy as they have been.

So, when I was offered a couple of Build Your Own kits to review, I jumped at the chance.

Recommended for ages eight and up, there’s a lot to like about them. First of all, they’re made almost entirely of sustainable cardboard as opposed to plastic.

This, of course, makes them much more environmentally friendly and that can only be a good thing.

And, thanks to their nifty design, there’s no need for glue – they simply slot together with no mess. Another major plus as far as I’m concerned.

Plus anything that both ticks the STEM box and keeps the kids off their tablets for a little while gets two thumbs up from me.

A child making a Build Your Own Plane Launcher kit.

Build Your Own Plane Launcher

This 47-piece kit has easy-to-follow instructions and, as there’s no sticking involved, it’s simple to backtrack if enthusiastic youngsters rush ahead and connect the wrong pieces.

The cardboard is nice and sturdy and everything fitted together perfectly. We had it complete in under half an hour, then it was time to literally let fly with it. And, yes, I did get hit a few times getting this picture!

A child using a Build Your Own Plane Launcher.

The set comes with 10 different paper aeroplanes as well as four scoring targets. Moving forward, I’ll be encouraging the boys to aim at these rather than me.

We’re going to have plenty of fun with it over the summer months and they’re already talking about designing their own paper aeroplanes too, so they’re clearly inspired.

The contents of a Build Your Own telescope kit.

Build Your Own Telescope

If the plane launcher is well suited to the great outdoors, this telescope kit is just the job for those inevitable rainy days we always get in summer.

This one took a little longer to assemble than the other but oldest really enjoyed putting it together.

A child putting together a Build Your Own kit.

The completed telescope extends up to 72cm and offers 16x magnification. This makes it ideal for getting a closer look at the wildlife in the fields behind our home.

Plus the moon and stars once the sun has gone down for the night.

Build Your Own Brand Ambassador logo.

Both sets were a lot of fun to build and I know they’ll see a lot of use during the summer holidays and beyond.

The Plane Launcher kit has an RRP of £16.99 while the Telescope costs £19.99. Alternatively, you can save 15% and buy both for £31.43.


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