Five TV dads I can relate to during lockdown

A remote control in front of a television. Five TV dads I can relate to during lockdown.

Thanks to coronavirus-induced lockdown, I’ve been working from home for almost seven weeks now. As a result, I’ve had more time on my hands thanks to not having to commute. Among other things, this means more time to enjoy TV boxsets of an evening.

So, with the current situation in mind and some of the shows we’ve been binge-watching, I wondered whether there were any TV dads I can relate to. And, as is always the way with my daft, whimsical blog posts, there are five of them.

There aren’t any major spoilers, but a couple of the gifs are a tad sweary – don’t read this while homeschooling the kids!

Rick Grimes

If you’ve read this blog before, Mr Grimes won’t be a surprise inclusion. I absolutely bloody love The Walking Dead and it’s been around for pretty much the whole time I’ve been a dad.

It’s through his eyes that we’re introduced to a strange new world and he can socially distance like a boss. He gives excellent motivational speeches to those around him too.

Tommy Shelby

Small Heath’s finest may not be the most obvious of choices, but let’s examine the evidence. He manages to get his steps in every day – even if they are mostly in slow-motion.

Plus, on the occasions he goes out with his family unit, he makes sure everyone behaves themselves.

Dexter Morgan

Another odd one on the face of it, but there’s a reason everybody’s favourite fictional serial killer is on my list. Yes, the whole killing evil people thing is more than a little morally questionable, but look at his cleanliness.

He’s truly fastidious and that’s very important at the moment. In fact, I think I could rival him in a handwashing contest now.

Martin Goodman

Okay, I don’t have the same aversion to wearing tops and neither do I swear at my kids – I probably will when they’re grown-up like his are, though.

But I have to confess that I share some of his other habits. Such as devouring the kids’ leftover food, obsessing over trivial domestic jobs and uttering his immortal catchphrase.

Jim Royle

He stays indoors a lot – very important right now, of course – and, as I have of late, watches an awful lot of telly. Plus he’s grumpy, which I’m also guilty of at present.

Plus he has a strong beard game which I’m beginning to emulate after seven weeks of not shaving.

Which TV dads – or TV mums, of course – can you relate to thanks to lockdown?

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