Five unlikely jobs I’ve done during lockdown

A man holding chalk and hair clippers to show two of the five unlikely jobs he could do as a result of lockdown.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about five unlikely jobs I could do as a result of parenting. It was one of my sillier contributions to the internet but people seemed to like it.

Now we find ourselves in coronavirus-induced lockdown, we could all do with a laugh so here are a few more vocations I could just about turn my hand to as a result of the unprecedented experience we’re all having at the moment.

My job is safe for now but I’m a contractor rather than permanent, so who knows? I could soon find myself doing one of these five unlikely jobs…

Supply teacher

I’m the one who got away in a family of teachers. Well, I thought I was anyway. To my mind, I didn’t have the patience but parenting has come to the fore.

My wife is definitely the kids’ day-to-day educator but I’m a capable supply teacher. I’ve got a decent handle on the curriculum and they already take the piss out of me.

Estate agent

We moved house recently after seven years of trying, so have got to know how estate agents work very well. Apart from the showing people around side of things. Until now…

We got in just before lockdown started so haven’t been able to have people round yet. So I’ve done plenty of virtual tours, including all the selling points and property expert lingo.

Heston Blumenthal

Just in case the celebrity chef ever decides to hang up his hat but wants a replacement to take on his name and work, I’d be a shoo-in. Why? It’s all thanks to panic buyers.

I’ve got good at substituting missing ingredients with weird and wonderful ones. The lasagna with baked beans instead of chopped tomatoes was a particular triumph.


I’ve done the odd bit of video content over the years, but have never been particularly comfortable talking to the camera. It always felt awkward and my face is much better suited to radio too.

Cut to the present day and I’ve had so many Webex meetings for work that I’ve become used to seeing myself on screen and don’t cringe anymore. I’ve even worked out what my best side is.


I’ve cut my own hair before, but doing someone else’s is a different matter entirely. Even though nobody actually has to see my handiwork for the foreseeable future.

I haven’t done too bad a job and the current circumstances mean that I didn’t have to engage my ‘customers’ in the standard awkward but highly necessary conversation about their holiday plans.

I better go and update my LinkedIn profile with these new skills. Which unlikely jobs have you found yourself doing during lockdown?


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