Goodbye old house, hello new home

A man carrying a large cardboard box and holding a key. Goodbye old house!

It’s done. We finally moved last week so it’s goodbye old house, hello new home.

I feel as though we ought to be sad about leaving our old house – after all, we lived there for nearly ten years.

It was the first home to all three of our children and I started this blog there too. But I won’t miss it.

When the moment came to leave for the last time, it was just a generic empty house. It wasn’t home anymore.

It was a nice place to live, of course, and we have many happy memories of it. But they live inside us and not in bricks and mortar.

I don’t think the kids will miss it particularly either. Oldest was sad on the morning of the move and his brother was antsy in the week leading up to it, but both seem very happy in their new surroundings.

Youngest, meanwhile, couldn’t have been more flippant in her delivery of the line “Goodbye old house” if she tried!

The key reason for all of this is that we have really upgraded. Our new gaff seems massive in comparison with the old one – and that’s including the piles of boxes awaiting unpacking!

It’s only now that I realise how crowded our old home felt at times and also how much we fell behind with things – including blogging – due to the move.

But most of the associated stresses are behind us now. I suddenly feel a lot lighter and everyone else seems to as well.

And it’s a wonderful house. The previous owners really took care of it and also left us a bottle of prosecco, chocolate and some toys for the kids. What genuinely lovely people.

They also left some hand towels – including a Buckingham Palace one! – and soap in the bathrooms. So thoughtful and it really helped us feel at home from the word go.

Our challenge now is to keep it nice and I’m determined that we will. It’s the start of a new chapter and, with it, a new mindset for us all.

I think it’s fair to say that we became a bit lethargic and world-weary in the old house. So now is the time for optimism and getting a spring back in our step.

We’ve gone up a couple of rungs on the property ladder and it’s time to act like it. It’s a move we needed and I know we’re going to be very happy.

So goodbye old house, hello new home. We’ve upgraded and are rebooting. And, speaking of computer-related things, we have WiFi once more so I should finally get some blogging done too!


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