Five things I’m looking forward to about moving house

A model of a house next to some keys as a moving house concept.

We’re moving house next week. It’s been a long time coming but, after the best part of seven years – on and off – we’re finally about to get the move we’ve been longing for.

The last few months have been hectic, to say the least, so there are plenty of things I’m looking forward to about moving house.

Having more than one toilet

Yes, it’s top of the list. I used to have bigger dreams but, with three kids, a house with more than one loo is my new idea of heaven.

And the one we’re moving to has three of the beautiful things! Inevitably, the kids will all have a favourite and it will be the same one – probably the throne in our en suite. But at least there are two emergency bogs to run to.

Having different things to worry about

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful things in life and I can confirm this to be the case. But it has also served a purpose – you see, I’ve long since accepted that I always need to have something to fret about.

And, frankly, this has become a bit stale as a concern. It’s had a fantastic run, but it’s time to be consumed by apprehension about other things. Gum disease is a strong candidate for my new chief worry.

Calmer bedtimes

It’s going to take time for everyone to settle but bedtimes will eventually get easier. The kids will have a room each so that will reduce the shenanigans significantly.

We’ll then turn our attention to persuading them that they don’t actually have an unquenchable thirst. If I work out how I’ll share the details here.

More privacy

We don’t drive so living 20 yards from a bus stop for the last decade has been really handy. But I won’t miss it. Traffic often backs up so we’re used to people gawping through our windows from double-decker buses. This is especially awkward post-shower.

Our new gaff backs onto nothing but fields, so it’s going to be nice to only be spied on by badgers and hedgehogs.

Being slightly less dopey

I’ve been so distracted by the business end of our move that I’ve done some pretty stupid things lately. Like nearly losing my nose to a combination of Storm Dennis and our top-opening tool store.

I followed this by dropping the head of my beard trimmer down the toilet. Maybe moving to a house with three of them isn’t such a good idea after all…


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