Ah well, never mind

A glass of spilt milk. Ah well never mind.

I’ve been in my not-so-new job for six months now and am well versed in the new routine. This includes adapting to working collaboratively again after four years of doing my own thing.

I really enjoy working in a team but there is one thing that is still taking a bit of getting used to. You see, as a copywriter of over 15 years’ experience, I pay keen attention to the words people use.

And now, I’m working with two other copywriters with even more experience than me, by virtue of the fact that they’re both hurtling towards 50.

Inevitably, we all take the piss out of each other at every opportunity, which we all really enjoy. But it’s made me realise that there are certain things I’ve probably been saying for years without realising.

One such catchphrase of mine is “Ah well, never mind.” And, ever since one of my fellow pedants picked up on it and repeated it in a hammed-up approximation of my accent, best described as ‘mockney’ I now realise that I say it all the time.

Of course, it has become an in joke too. Whenever something ranging from mildly inconvenient to pretty bad but not tragic happens, someone will say it.

And, of course I was stupid enough to tell my kids about it. And my parents. So now I’m getting mocked by three different generations of people who know me every time something faintly unfortunate occurs.

It’s not the first time my own words have been playfully used against me though so I’m getting used to it.

In fact, I think I’m going to make “Ah well, never mind” my new mantra. It’s a good one to live by, I reckon.

It simultaneously tempers disappointment and makes me sound really unassuming so I can live with that.

It’s versatile too. It communicates the important message that there are bigger issues to negotiate in the grand scheme of things. It also serves as a sarcastic aside when antagonists get their comeuppance in the kids’ bedtime stories.

I just need to educate the kids on its proper usage. You see, the other day, youngest accidentally kicked me you know where.

As I writhed on the floor both experiencing pain and thinking it was just as well we’re stopping at three children, oldest appeared.

Barely able to get the words out for laughing, he shouted my new catchphrase at me. Thanks, son.

Ah well, never mind.


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