Why I haven’t made any new year’s resolutions

An empty checklist to indicate that no new year's resolutions have been made.

We’re almost a week into 2020, so I suppose it’s just as well that I haven’t made any new year’s resolutions this year.

I’ve made them in the past – and stuck with some pretty well – but just can’t be bothered this time. But, as I’m good at making excuses, there are several reasons for this apathy.

My monumental failure to complete my 40 before 40 challenge is still fresh in the memory. I was way too unrealistic with it and set myself up for failure. In hindsight, that was a stupid thing to do.

I struggled a lot last year, so it was just another pressure that compounded everything else going around my head.

On a related note, January has to be the worst time of year to try self-improvement. It’s cold, dark and everyone is even poorer than usual thanks to Christmas.

A sudden low after a much-built-up high isn’t good and doesn’t leave anyone in the best place to get back on the proverbial horse when they fall at the first hurdle.

Actually, I did make one concession to personal development. It wasn’t a resolution as such, just a declaration. Namely that I proposed an Entente Cordiale with my nemesis, the cat.

This lasted all of two minutes. The bastard hissed at me when I had the temerity to hand my wife a glass of wine. So we remain enemies and I’m fine with that.

My final reason for not making any new year’s resolutions is that I’ve got too much on my plate already.

As well as juggling work, family life and this blog, we’re finally in the process of moving house.

So, while I fully intend to drink less, get more exercise, save more and actually visit the dentist this year, I’m not putting metrics or dates against any of them.

I’m hopeful that I’ll emerge from 2020 as a slightly better version of myself. But if this time next year I’m same old me, that’s okay too.

Given my new position on new year’s resolutions, I’ve not spoken to the kids about them. However, the seven-year-old – who is also the resident hellraiser at bedtime – seems to have made one.

On New Year’s Day, a homemade poster appeared on the fridge, advertising an evening relaxation club he’s apparently starting.

I managed to keep my laughter to myself, so I’m growing as a person already. I genuinely hope he follows through with this but I’m not optimistic!


  1. John Adams

    Good luck with not having any resolutions Tom! It’s the wya forward. Best of luck with the house move. Not stressful at all. Nah, it’ll be well easy. really easy. You’ll barely notice you’re moving.

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