Five more TV mashups I’d like to see

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A couple of years ago, I wrote a daft, whimsical blog post about some TV mashups I’d like to see. So it’s high time for a sequel.

And, yes, this is because I’ve had two titles in mind for a little while and have made up another three to justify a follow-up post.

So here are five more TV mashups I’d like to see…

Sofia The Walking Dead

Last time, I proposed a mashup of Peppa Pig and the Walking Dead and didn’t want the latter’s sister show to miss out. Then along came youngest’s obsession with Sofia the First and there was a pun-tastic title just waiting for a plot.

Yes, the format is pretty similar to last time – an intensely irritating lead character thrust into a zombie apocalypse. But who wouldn’t want to watch Sofia desperately trying to fend off walkers with an amulet?

In the Night Terror Garden

Not strictly a mashup, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me as there’s some bitter recent experience behind this one. Youngest had her first night terror and it was simultaneously terrifying and hilarious. We’ve been there before with her brothers so knew how to deal with it.

Anyway, in the TV adaptation, Upsy Daisy would wake suddenly – probably thanks to a bad dream about the Haahoos – knock over Makka Pakka’s scooter, scream at Iggle Piggle and welly the Pontipines into the Tittifers’ tree before snapping out of it and asking for a jaffa cake.

Tumble in the Bronx

Okay, it’s based on a film rather than a TV show, but it could work as a mini-series. Picture CBeebies stalwart Mr Tumble put into Jackie Chan’s shoes.

With his spotty clothes, his attire would be even stranger than that of the kung fu icon’s adversaries in the original. So much so that it’d probably be enough to scare them off, avoiding the need for conflict. Plus it would be hilarious watching him jump onto a moving hovercraft.

Quantum Sheep

A time-travelling sci-fi in which Shaun the Sheep temporarily takes over the lives of ill-fated people, putting right what once went wrong.

He’s good enough at concealing his identity as an anthropomorphic mammal so would be formidable with Dr Sam Beckett’s ability to perfectly resemble those he helps. Oh boy. Or “Oh baa.”

Stranger Bings

Yes, Bing is pretty strange as it is. Though supposedly a young child, Bing is significantly bigger than his carer. What’s more, some animals are effectively people while others are just animals.

But imagine him thrown into 1980s Indiana with a whole load of weird things going on. Due to the fact that he’s an irredeemable twit he can’t be any of the kids, so I guess he’d be a Demogorgon. That would explain some of his questionable conduct though…

Which unlikely TV mashups would you like to see?


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