Big differences between girls and boys? Not in our house!

An Elsa doll on a toy toilet. Are there big differences between girls and boys? Not in our house!

Ages ago, before youngest was even born, I wrote a post speculating what it would be like to have a daughter after two sons.

With the aid of my sister – who’s a doctor of psychology and a mum of both a daughter and son – I came to the conclusion that she would probably be an evil genius.

I’ve observed plenty of evidence since then that confirms this suspicion, but have never really answered that original question. So what are the major differences between girls and boys?

Well, based solely on my own experience, there aren’t actually that many.

Obviously, there’s the grim but nonetheless vital one regarding wiping bums. But let’s not dwell on that, eh?

Only a couple more immediately spring to mind. Firstly, youngest has always been much more aware than her brothers of other people’s feelings.

It’s quite arresting at times. She picks up on things that they’re blissfully oblivious of and will ask if we’re okay if we seem concerned about things.

Then there are her interests. Despite our best efforts to gently steer all of our children in the direction of STEM toys, she’s all about Disney Princesses.

This is fine, of course – it’s her choice – but I’d rather she leaned towards some rather than others.

Ariel gives up her voice for a man. Sleeping Beauty is woken from her slumbers by an unsolicited kiss. And from someone called Prince Philip to boot.

Any concerns about her following in their submissive footsteps, however, have quickly evaporated. Mainly because she seems to be a hybrid of a wannabee princess and a goblin.

She loves playing the fool and has the most raucous laugh in the family. In addition, she’s a connoisseur when it comes to toilet humour and is the most natural footballer out of all three kids.

Her goblin princess status was illustrated perfectly yesterday. She was – ahem – on the throne and happily singing a favourite Disney song. You know the one. THAT one from the first Frozen film.

As events unfolded, her lyrics deviated somewhat from the iconic original. She belted out the following: “Did a poo, did a poo-oo-oo, couldn’t hold it back anymore!”

I can’t deny I was impressed. She certainly did let it go in more ways than one.

So are there big differences between girls and boys? Well, apart from the post-toilet routine and understanding – or not – that parents don’t enjoy that particular element of upbringing, not really.

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