Review: kNOW!

kNOW! by Ravensburger

Disclosure: I was sent a kNOW! board game to review and keep. This post also includes an affiliate link.

We love our Google Home devices but I have to admit that we’ve slipped into using them for relatively little. Until now – step forward kNOW! a family-friendly game for up to six players.

Billed as the always up-to-date quiz game, this new and multi-faceted release from Ravensburger has, indeed, given our smart speakers a new lease of life.

A family playing kNOW!

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have a Google Home device – you can also play via the free Google Assistant app.

In addition, there are hundreds of offline questions included. Cards without a WiFi logo don’t need the Google Assistant.

Speaking of the cards for a moment, I really like the fact that the box can be used for sorting them into categories. A nice touch for obsessive types like me!

A board game box with colourful cards.

kNOW! is actually a series of mini games, so there’s plenty of variety. As well as answering general knowledge questions, players can guess what sounds are, compete in buzzer challenges and much more besides.

There are also rounds that involve humming songs, tongue twisters and completing phrases.

My inner geek really likes the Google-centric questions. In these, players are given a word then write down related words or phrases involving it. Google keywords, basically.

The player whose answer has the highest number of up-to-date search results wins.

A child hitting a buzzer on a board game.

Its real strength, of course, is the fact that it’s always accurate. All too often, we’ve sat down to play older general knowledge games in which the printed answers aren’t correct anymore.

But, as it’s effectively linked to the world’s biggest search engine, there are no such problems here.

What’s more, new questions and topics are regularly added for free – we’re looking forward to the festive-themed ones over Christmas!

Close-up of a game of kNOW!

kNOW! is recommended for 10+ when played offline and 16+ with the Google Assistant.

We’ve really enjoyed playing it so far and I know we’ll have plenty more fun with it. It’s such a clever idea that has added an extra dimension to board gaming.

kNOW! has an RRP of £29.99 but is currently available for a bargain £18 on Amazon.


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