Making a minimalist Christmas tree with Bosch

A minimalist Christmas tree made out of MDF.

Disclosure: This is a paid collaboration with Bosch.

One of the items on my long-since failed 40 before 40 challenge was to complete a DIY project from scratch. So, when Bosch got in touch to ask if I’d like to try one of theirs, I jumped at the chance.

Bosch loaned me the necessary tools – a Bosch UniversalCirc 12 saw, Bosch 18V Multi Sander and a Bosch EasyImpact 12 drill – as well as a battery pack that fits both the saw and drill.

A selection of Bosch power tools.

With Christmas on the horizon, I decided to have a go at making this minimalist Christmas tree.

It didn’t cost a penny to make as I already had some suitable materials at home. You can make this project with wood, but I found a piece of MDF in the loft that was just right.

I marked it up then set to work cutting it with the UniversalCirc 12. Now, I have to admit that I was a little nervous about this. I had never used a tool like it and was convinced I would find a way of making a hash of things.

A man cutting some MDF with a Bosch UniversalCirc 12.

Not so! After a couple of test cuts on the unmarked end of the board, I cut along the lines. It made light work of it and I felt much more confident about my handiwork.

Next up, I smoothed the edges of my boards with the sander. Again, this was a doddle. The Multi Sander left the edges ready for the next step in a matter of moments.

A man using a Bosch Multi Sander.

Next up, it was time to assemble the tree. This part of the project involved my dexterity rather than any power tools so, inevitably, I made a mistake.

That is to say that, after glueing it together, I moved it too soon and broke it! This was easily fixed though, so I redid it and left it for longer to dry properly.

I then deviated from the step-by-step slightly, as we had some leftover white furniture paint. The MDF was a bit grubby following my attempts at sticking it together so I gave it a coat of that.

A man using a Bosch EasyImpact 12 drill on a minimalist Christmas tree made of MDF.

Once that had dried, it was time to drill the hole for the hook. And, once again, the tool did the job with aplomb. Namely, the EasyImpact 12 drill, armed with a 3mm bit.

All that remained was to screw the hook in place and add the baubles. And it doesn’t look too bad!

I was hopeless at CDT at school so have never been particularly confident – even with simpler projects like this minimalist Christmas tree.

So I’m really pleased with the final effort. It’s not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination but I enjoyed making it and am slightly miffed that I have to give the tools back!


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