Looking forward – and back – at the end of the decade

A dad and his children on a beach in winter.

Well, where to start, eh? Another year is just about over and so, indeed, is another decade. So it’s time for all the clich├ęs about the passing of time, looking forward and also looking back.

This year has been quite a mixed bag. It started with high hopes of blog work picking up again and a long-awaited house move. Unfortunately, neither of those things happened this year.

Thanks to the ongoing debacle that is Brexit, there was even less paid work available for bloggers, so I had to take a major change in direction and get a job working for someone other than myself.

It was a bit of a shock to the system after four years of being my own boss, but I have to admit that it’s nice not having to worry about paying the bills every month.

Luckily, I’ve ended up in a great team and have already had my contract extended until the end of 2020. And this leads to another big positive. We will finally be moving house next year!

Just when we’d given up all hope of anything happening, someone looked around, loved it and made an offer.

The following day, we did likewise and are really looking forward to moving into our new home.

So the next decade will begin in a similar fashion to the one we’re just finishing. It was in 2010 that we moved into our current home, albeit with a child on the way.

And, to quickly extinguish any questions about this move being a carbon copy of 2010, that’s not happening again this time!


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Since oldest was born that summer, we’ve had two more children and three is definitely the magic number for us.

They’re wonderful kids and, at risk of sounding nauseating, have completed us as people.

And having them has opened up all kinds of opportunities in life. This blog being one such example. Shortly after becoming a dad, I wrote my first post.

It was a hobby that I never thought would amount to much, but I’ve been proved wrong. Somehow or other, it’s still going after almost 10 years and I’ve amassed over 1,000 posts.

Diary of the Dad has also won a few awards along the way and is still a regular fixture in Vuelio’s top ten dad blogs.

So, although I’m now a pensioner in blogging terms and have much less time to write than I used to, I have no plans on hanging up my keyboard anytime soon.

In fact, I’m feeling more energised than ever – well, blog wise, at least – so I’m looking forward to writing plenty more posts in 2020 and beyond.

Happy New Year!

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