Month: October 2019

A rant about pavement etiquette

People showing good pavement etiquette by not vaping, cycling or staring at their phones.

One of the things I’m still getting used to in my now not-so-new job is the walk from the station to the office I work in. Not because of the increased exercise, you understand, but due to the eternally thorny issue of self-important people with appalling pavement etiquette. I can’t stand bad manners or people …

Kids are weird

Three children leaning into washing on a line. Kids are weird.

I’ve come to the conclusion that kids are weird. It has taken me nine years and three children to reach this verdict, but I definitely believe it to be the case. Of course, I’ve long suspected young humans of being a bit odd and have witnessed plenty of compelling evidence since becoming a dad – …

Getting back in the swim

In the swim: a swimming pool.

It’s funny how certain things can completely confound your expectations at times. Take last weekend, for example. It was my turn to take youngest to her new weekly swimming lesson early on Saturday morning. While I was, of course, looking forward to spending time with her it’s fair to say that the time and venue …