Enjoying healthy eating with Piccolo tomatoes

A child looking at a baguette including piccolo tomatoes.

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My kids love Piccolo tomatoes. We grow them in our back garden and they can’t get enough of them. So it was a good thing when the people at Thanet Earth sent us a large box of them!

As the name suggests, the Piccolo tomatoes are grown in south-east Kent. This isn’t too far from where I live and I always prefer to buy British fruit and veg wherever possible as it helps keep my carbon footprint down.

Thanet Earth is the largest glasshouse complex in the UK and produces over 400 million tomatoes each year. As well as 30 million cucumbers and 24 million peppers!

So that’s the all-important environmental credentials accounted for but what about the taste test? The proof of the Piccolos, obviously, is in the eating.

They’re delicious and I have to admit that they taste nicer than the ones produced by our plants.

As well as topping up our supplies, the delivery gave us a great opportunity to try a range of family-friendly meals featuring these versatile little fruits.

And we’ve included them in just about every meal since. Here, then, are three dishes including Piccolo tomatoes that my lot happily devoured.

Starting with the most important meal of the day, we’ve had them instead of ketchup with scrambled egg on toast. This, of course, is much healthier for starters and I, for one, prefer it.

Onto lunchtime and Piccolo tomatoes go ever so well in cheese sandwiches or baguettes. As they’re so tangy, they provide a great way of sneaking in some other salad too.

A proper Trojan horse approach! Speaking of which, we also made a Greek salad for ourselves – very nice too.

The best evening meal so far was a simple chicken and vegetable tray bake. The tomatoes – which we cooked still on their vines – went so well with all the other ingredients, both in terms of taste and appearance.

Indeed, the latter is still an important consideration as children can be such visual eaters at times. The fact that the dish looked so appetising definitely played its part in getting the kids to eat more veg than usual.

Anything that encourages healthy eating can only be a good thing and I’m pleased with how many other good things my kids have eaten as a result of realising how tasty fruit and vegetables can be.

I’m delighted to report that we still have loads left so I’m looking forward to plenty more family meals including Piccolo tomatoes.

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