Five kids’ TV characters I don’t miss now I work full-time

A remote control being pointed at a television. as if to switch off certain kids' TV characters.

Now I’m working full-time, there are lots of things I’m missing about working from home. Having more time with my family is obviously up there, as are parts of my old routine like the school run.

But there are a few things I’m not missing at all. Particularly some of the kids’ TV characters youngest insists on watching day in, day out.

Peppa Pig

I have a long-held animosity towards this little brat so it’s no surprise that she tops the list. She’s rude to her parents, helps perpetuate the myth that dads are idiots and has been responsible for no shortage of wet, muddy clothes in our house.

Honestly, the bit when she cries in the feature-length episode about golden boots made my day. I can’t have been alone in that?


All parents know that even the cutest of toddlers can be a bit of a dick at times. But Bing is something else. He may look vaguely like Batman’s sidekick in rabbit form but is anything but a boy wonder.

Given his track record that includes shoplifting, murdering butterflies and chucking a friend’s shoe down the bog, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s an irredeemable little ratbag. ASBO. It’s a Bing thing.

Sofia the First

On the face of it, there’s a lot that’s good about this show. The title character is a normal kid who has gone to great heights, learns about treating people well and seems genuinely contrite when she makes mistakes that upset others.

It’s quite representative of modern families too. But she’s so annoying and, at times, holier-than-thou with it that her good deeds actually made me angry.

Daniel Tiger

I thought my problem with this stripy bastard was just that he’s intensely irritating. This is thanks in no small part to a companion app featuring a song about having to “go potty” – which means something quite different here in Blighty.

Then, last week, I realised that there was something altogether more sinister at play. He’s a tiger, who has tiger print curtains. We wouldn’t put human skin over our windows, would we?

Zac (Shimmer and Shine)

I could have listed most of the characters from this show, especially the eponymous genies who are as good at their jobs as Boris Johnson is at his.

But Zac gets the nod here. He has a horrible sense of entitlement as well as one of the most irritating catchphrases on telly. I can’t help it. He gets on my nerves. It happens. It happens a lot.

Which kids’ TV characters would you gladly never watch again?

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