A return to school routine with Scrubbingtons

Some essential items for a morning school routine.

Disclosure: this is a paid collaboration with Scrubbingtons.

It’s almost time for kids to go back to school and nursery. And with it comes the need to get back into a school routine.

After six weeks off, this can be a little bit of a challenge, but a few changes in the last week or so of the holidays can help make all the difference.

Having started a new job recently, settling into a new routine is something I’m very familiar with!

So, for my latest post as a Scrubbingtons Brand Ambassador, here are a few things we’re doing to make school runs easier…

Walk the walk

However much exercise and fresh air they’ve had during the summer, the school or nursery run can be a little daunting – particularly for younger ones.

To help youngest in particular – as six weeks must feel like an eternity when you’re three – we’re going to walk past a couple of times just to refamiliarise her with the route.

New shoes?

Speaking of walking, think about shoes. New ones are part and parcel of the new school year, but new footwear can be restrictive at first and it’s much easier to adapt to the school routine when you’re comfortable.

I’ll be trying to persuade my lot to wear theirs around the house now and then to wear them in. Strictly indoors, mind. We don’t want them scuffed too early!

The Scrubbingtons range.

Scrubbing up well

My kids have got used to a slow-paced morning routine over the last few weeks. This is more than fair enough in the summer break – they need time to recharge after all – but it’s no good during term time.

So we’re going to get them into the habit of getting underway as soon as they are up and about. Starting with washing their faces with Scrubbingtons. That should wake them up nicely ahead of each school day!

Eliminating dithering

Eliminating dithering at breakfast time is another item on our to-do list. To be fair on the boys, they’re not too bad but youngest can make a slice of toast last for hours. I have to admit that I’m almost impressed.

Hopefully, the promise of returning to nursery – which she loves – will be enough motivation but I’m not averse to offering other incentives if it hurries her along. Good old bribery!

In the bag

Nobody likes a last-minute panic – and we’ve all had our fair share when something inexplicably goes missing with the school run ominously close.

So we’ll be getting the kids to pack their school bags a few days in advance as well as teaching them to check that everything is all present and correct each morning.

Hopefully, it’ll teach them responsibility and reduce heart-in-mouth moments in one fell swoop.

Good luck with the school routine, fellow parents, we’ve got this!

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