Finding my feet in my new job

A picture of me finding my feet.

I’ve been in my new job for three weeks now and am finding my feet. After four years of working both for myself and from home though, it’s taking a bit of getting used to.

Such a change in day-to-day routine was always going to take a bit of adapting. There are some things that feel more alien than others though…

Having a regular income

I’m working as a contractor so get paid weekly. This is a decidedly odd feeling. For the last four years I’ve been paid at irregular intervals while earnings have nosedived this year. Now I’m bringing home a regular amount every week.

This is so disconcerting that I often wonder where money has come from when I log in to internet banking. While I’m missing having as much time to write blog posts as I used to, it’s so nice not having to put myself under pressure to earn via doing so.


Getting the train again has been a shock to the system but not in the way that I expected. I’ve only had one cancelled in three weeks, have always got to the station in time so far and usually get a seat as well!

I’m sure that’ll change once we’re into autumn and everyone’s back from their summer holidays, but I’m almost enjoying it for the moment. Almost.

Getting more exercise

I work in Brighton which can be quite hilly in places. I need to walk down one long, sloping road and then up another pretty steep one. That’s not to say I was lazy during the last four years, just that the school run was significantly flatter and shorter.

This isn’t a complaint, of course. Except for on the days after I’ve played five-a-side. My poor old knees…

Bank Holidays

Until someone mentioned it last week, I had no idea that a Bank Holiday was imminent. For the last four years, they’ve been pretty much the same as any other day for me.

So it was nice both to have a day off work and to be able to say “See you next Tuesday” to colleagues once more. Which takes me to my final point…

Office banter

You can’t get away with uttering that last sentence without a good rapport with your colleagues and I seem to have struck gold in my new role.

I wasn’t expecting to be able to engage in office banter like this so soon, but the fact they were already calling me ‘Briggsy’ before I started has really helped me in finding my feet. Thanks, team!


  1. Justin

    Sounds like you’re enjoying the change, and getting more exercise is always a good thing…and the office Christmas party won’t be far away too! Best of luck for the future 🙂

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