Review: LEGO City Space playsets

A happy child putting together a LEGO set.

Disclosure: I received the featured LEGO City Space playsets to review and keep. 

The 50th anniversary of the moon landing is just over a week away and, to celebrate, LEGO has launched some brand new sets. The LEGO City Space range includes models inspired by actual NASA spacecraft.

I’ve always loved LEGO – there’s no surprise there, given how often it crops up on here – but have always been particularly fond of its space-themed sets.

One of my earliest memories involves having to stay overnight in hospital for an operation to correct my hearing. My parents bought me this set to cheer me up. I’m showing my age there, I know.

I also remember the keen sense of injustice when one of the nurses made me wait until the next morning to construct it!

Anyway, taking a giant leap back to the present day and here’s what oldest and I thought of the new LEGO City Space playsets.

A LEGO City space set.

Satellite Service Mission (60224)

Inspired by NASA astronauts in space, the Satellite Service Mission set gives young explorers the chance to partake in a daring repair mission in outer space from the comfort of their own homes.

The 84-piece set features an exploration shuttle with an opening cockpit as well as a satellite and, of course, a wrench-wielding astronaut minifigure.

LEGO City Satellite Service Mission.

The satellite neatly folds away into a storage section at the rear of the shuttle. Very nifty! I love the astronaut’s golden visor too.

Oldest had lots of fun making this and will have plenty playing with it too.

RRP: £9.99

A LEGO City space set.

Rover Testing Drive (60225)

The Rover Testing Drive comprises 202 pieces and, as you can see, has a lot going on. The most obvious is the articulated grappling arm, but there’s also a removable solar panel generator.

In addition, there are two minifigues as well as accessories including a laptop computer, video camera and rock drill.

LEGO City Rover Testing Drive.

I think the addition of rock pieces with crystal-like insides is a nice touch too.

Again, oldest really enjoyed putting this together and even allowed me to help a little. Just as well, as I would surely have felt that aforementioned sense of injustice again had he said no.

RRP: £17.99

I’m always impressed by the attention to detail in LEGO sets and these two didn’t disappoint. They’re fun to make and play with as well as inherently cool. And that’ll do us nicely.

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