A change in direction

Railway track points to indicate a change in direction.

Four years ago today, I started a new life as a freelancer. Soon afterwards, blogging took over and became my full-time job.

When I left a secure and well-paid role to become my own boss in 2015, it did raise a few eyebrows among colleagues. It was worth the risk though.

It’s given me loads of extra time with my family and has been a great way of making a living. I’m very proud that I’ve managed to have my cake and eat it for so long.

But nothing lasts forever – especially metaphorical cake – and it’s time for a change in direction.

The kids are all that much older now and I don’t want the digital footprints that I’ve created for them to get out of hand.

There’s also much less paid work than there used to be – cheers for that, architects of Brexit – and this has caused more than a little stress.

Plus, although I like being my own boss, I’ve really missed working with other people. So it’s time to embark on the next chapter.

With that in mind, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve only gone and got myself a new job! Starting in early August, I’m going to be working for a locally-based international company.

My new role will see me writing and editing copy that should make people’s lives a little easier, so it’s pretty much what I’ve always done outside blogging.

What does this mean for Diary of the Dad though? Is this the end? No chance. I’m not that easy to get rid of. In my first ever post, I compared myself to zombies and I still stand by that!

As well as being a new hobby that stuck and a record of family life, this blog will always be the biggest highlight of my career. It gave me more time with my family while the kids were young, so how could it not be?

So, while I’ll have less time to write posts, this blog has plenty of life in it yet. I’ve already dialled down what I write about the kids individually and intend to continue in that vein.

To all intents and purposes, it won’t change much at all. Expect plenty more in the way of topical parenting content, daft whimsy, zombie references and relevant brand collaborations.

Of course, a change in direction means a change of pace too and it will take a little time to adapt. But it’s a challenge that I’m looking forward to.


  1. Stuart Hood

    Congratulation Tom – and good luck in the new job. It really is tough making ends meet as a blogger, so well done on making it through four years. Looking forward to continuing to read your stuff over the coming weeks and months.

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