Review: Ask a Scientist by Professor Robert Winston

The front cover of Ask a Scientist by Professor Robert Winston.

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Oldest is very much into science at the moment so, when I received a press release about Professor Robert Winston’s new book, Ask a Scientist, I had to get hold of a copy for him.

I love the questions that all three of my kids come out with, but have to admit that I’m stumped by some of them. Particularly when it comes to science, which has never been my strongest subject.

Step forward, Robert Winston! As far as I’m concerned, he’s a national treasure.

I’ve always enjoyed his TV shows and he has a brilliant way of engaging his audiences and making tricky topics much easier to grasp.

Ask a Scientist is inspired by questions the legendary professor has fielded both from his own grandchildren as well as kids from all over the world.

A double-page spread of Ask a Scientist.

Aimed at inquisitive minds aged seven and up, the book offers a fun and accessible way to learn about science.

Subject areas range from the human body and chemistry to physics and space. There are 100 questions in total, the like of which that only children ask.

These include things like “Does a butterfly remember its time as a caterpillar?” and “Why doesn’t it tickle when you tickle yourself?”

And, to pick a winner as it were, “How do bogies get into my nose?”

The answers are all easy for young readers to understand and in the same friendly, conservational tone synonymous with the author.

Of course, being scientific in nature, there are some concepts that may require further explanation. With that in mind, any such words appear in bold and are addressed in a comprehensive glossary.

A detail of a kids' book showing how the water cycle works.

As you would also expect, the design is very kid-friendly with a nice combination of illustrations, photos and diagrams.

It’s a wonderful book that should answer numerous burning questions and also inspire plenty more. If you have a child who wants to know why stars twinkle, how honeybees know what job to do and why the sea is salty, they’ll love it.

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  1. Chris Andrews

    Just for fun, share a tricky scientific question a child has asked you!

    how does my computer work?

  2. Laura F

    It seems he asks one everyday! How long does food stay in your stomach for? How long would it take to walk to the moon.

  3. Patricia Avery

    Why don’t ships sink? A favourite question my grandson keeps asking everybody. I don’t think anyone has been able to answer in a way he understands!

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