Finding meanings in my kids’ abandoned play scenes

There’s something quite brilliant about discovering your kids’ abandoned play scenes. Well, sometimes there is. Admittedly, it can get tiresome when they never tidy things away, but I love finding their imaginations frozen in a moment.

I like trying to work out what they were thinking about at the time and they often make me laugh out loud too and that can’t be bad.

I’ve written about such things before, but there are no limits on imagination so it was inevitable that I’d find some more worthy of sharing.

There have been quite a few quality finds lately. Here are some of my favourites.

Cannon fodder

This recent find provokes so many questions. What has the pony done to merit this act of cartoon violence? The fallen woodpecker certainly seems angry about something.

Perhaps the equine is looking for its carrot, oblivious both of its position in its periphery and the folly of sniffing heavy artillery. Or has it heard of cannon fodder and got the wrong idea?

A toy robot with a spoon inside it.

A spoon in the works

Youngest loves playing with this robot almost as much as she enjoys taking a yoghurt on a tour of the house so I suppose this find was somewhat inevitable.

Suddenly, the zapped look on the robot’s face makes a whole load of sense. Someone’s thrown a spoon in the works!


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Everything is core-some

Okay, fellow LEGO geeks, I’m well aware that the head on the apple isn’t that of Bricksburg’s finest, Emmet, but it’s close enough and I couldn’t think of a better subheading.

I still don’t know which child was responsible for this, but both boys were reading Roald Dahl books at the time – maybe it’s James settling for an apple in lieu of a giant peach or possibly even a nod to Violet Beauregarde.


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Bunny Boiler

I don’t know what the worst thing about this one is. The whole bunny boiler thing or the fact that youngest left it on my bedside table.

On another note, this is the first of two beverage-related play scenes…

Two LEGO Disney princesses with a cup of tea.

Tea and sympathy

Ah, poor Ariel. She’s in such great need of caffeine that she’s fallen asleep on the mug. She hasn’t even noticed that it’s upside down and, therefore, empty.

This isn’t so much an abandoned play scene as a shrewd observation of parenthood.


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